I Never Wanted Balotelli At Liverpool – Brendan Admits

Former Liverpool coach, Brendan Rodgers has elaborated on his wider transfer frustrations, including missing out on Arsenal-bound Alexis Sanchez and the signing of Mario Balotelli – a player the Northern Irishman had reservations about.

“Transfers were a group decision,” he added. “It was certainly not something where I would have the sole final say.

“It’s difficult because you want a player in but if the player is not on the list you couldn’t. We needed a player who could press at the top, because Luis Suarez gave us so much of that.

“The huge blow was that we thought we were getting Alexis Sanchez and that he’d be a like-for-like replacement in terms of how he pressed the game, his aggression. Rickie Lambert would come in and be an option if we needed something else in the game.

“But we didn’t get Alexis Sanchez. I felt Mario wasn’t someone who suited the profile of what we were after but, come the end of the summer, when we were struggling to get in the type of player we wanted, the ownership thought this was perhaps one I could develop.”


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