La Liga Enter Partnership With Nigeria To Develop NPFl

The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and its Spanish counterpart have agreed to “work together towards establishing a partnership”.

Officials of the League Management Company (LMC) representing the Nigerian top-flight met with La Liga officials on Monday to discuss working together in different areas in expanding their frontiers internationally.

“This Monday saw La Liga hold meetings with a delegation from the Nigeria Professional Football League and the president of the Solomon Islands Football Federation. The aim of both working meetings was to align positions and work together towards establishing a partnership agreement,” La Liga announced.

The LMC chairman, Shehu Dikko, and one of its directors, Honourable Nduka Irabor, also had the first-hand chance of experiencing the several working methods of La Liga departments.

The discussion with La Liga centred on international football. The discussion covered such areas of interest as the International Football Development Programme, Commercial Development and Branding, Broadcasting Rights, Financial Planning and Controls, Security, Legal Structures, Data Management and Commercialisation, Integrity, Training and Capacity Development.

A delegation of La Liga led by its president, Javier Tebas, is expected to visit Nigeria in the coming weeks.

Dikko said the visit will allow La Liga to have first-hand experience of the Nigerian top-flight.

“It will enable the La Liga president to appreciate the NPFL through a first hand assessment of the situation of our league vis-a-vis the core areas of action agreed to start up the partnership,” Dikko stated.

The groundwork for the partnership was led by both leagues during the world leagues forum in Paris, France last year.


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