LeBron James Turns NBA Coach

NBA legend, LeBron James sat out the Cleveland Cavalier game against Houston Rockets, a game his team lost.

Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue had announced Monday that James would sit out the game as the Cavaliers try to rest their key players as much as possible over the final games of the regular season.

James, dressed in a suit, jumped up from the bench several times to encourage his teammates and joined Lue near midcourt to bark out instructions late in the second quarter.

Cleveland made six 3-pointers in the second and built a 59-40 halftime lead, but finished 14 of 40 from behind the arc.

LeBron James did not play in the Cavaliers’ game Tuesday against the Houston Rockets, but that does not mean he took the night off.

To the contrary, Tyronn Lue may have felt like the All-Star was stepping on his coaching toes.

James was seen standing up on the sidelines directing the team much like a head coach would:

Then during a break in the action, he was coaching his teammates on the sidelines:


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