30 Super Star Athletes Who Were Born Into Extreme Poverty (1)

After the fall of man from the Garden of Eden (I pray to see that garden when I get to Heaven), God made it known that man will ‘suffer’ to make a living for disobeying Him.

That anger from God made man to toil hard day and night to survive and this will continue to be till the end of life. In everyone, there is a talent and the onus is on us to maximally use those talents to make the world a better place for us and others in general

Just as every human being on earth, there are people who were lucky to be born into wealth and some other very unlucky to be born into extreme poverty and this is apt in the lives of certain world-renowned athletes.

There are thousands of them who were born into poverty and were fortunate to use sport to escape as an escape route. However, the focus will be on thirty of them.

To view, click on the pictures. The remaining fifteen will be published on Friday.


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