Why I Am Considered One Of The Best Goalkeepers In The World – Petr Cech

Arsenal’s Petr Cech has revealed the secrets behind his success as a goalkeeper for his teams.

The former Chelsea man set the Premier League record for most clean sheets of all time, this season, carving his name into the history books.

Cech has long been a keeper capable of outfoxing even the most crafty of players, he famously kept Lionel Messi at bay for a long stretch of games until the Argentine found a way past him this season at Arsenal.

The Arsenal shot-stopper has revealed that he has numerous techniques to throw off opponents.

“There are many ways you can intimidate people during a game,” he told Arsenal Player. “With your aggression is one way, but nobody likes to have no time.

“You press them all the time and put them under pressure. Any player that has time and feels comfortable to control the ball and play, obviously can play much better.

“If you don’t give them the time and put them under pressure, then it becomes much more difficult. I try to find ways not to give people the chance to feel comfortable in a situation when they face me, then it means they might not get a goal.

“You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that what you are doing is the right way when you go to the game and you are ready.


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