Why Guardiola Wants A ‘Sweeper-Keeper’

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, who took charge in the summer, has major reservations about England’s No 1 keeper, Joe Hart’s ability to play as the kind of ‘sweeper-keeper’ his preferred system demands.

Guardiola does not think Hart is good enough with his feet to fulfil the role he wants from his goalkeeper.

“From 15 years old, I grew up knowing every time we had a good build-up we created chances,” former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager Guardiola said on Tuesday.

“We can win long balls but, as fast as it goes forward, it comes back. That is why I insist with the players how important this process is.

“It starts with the goal-kick and then our build-up with three or four at the back.

“It is not a romantic issue. When we create a good build-up our forward players get the ball in a better position.

“We don’t have the ball for the sake of having it. To do that is nothing. There has to be an idea.

“I would like to have the ball for 90 minutes. I know some managers prefer to play on the counter-attack. I am completely the opposite.

“Everything is fluid. When the goalkeeper, the full-backs and the centre-backs can do this, it is easier.

“The pitch is big and the space is always there. We have only had a month together. We need more time but I am pretty sure we will get it.”


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