Athletes Using TUEs Are Not Cheating Says Ex World Champion, Cram

Former world champion Steve Cram says the TUE system is robust and athletes are being unfairly viewed as cheats.

British Olympic gold medallists Mo Farah, Helen Glover and Justin Rose were the latest people to have medical files made public by hacker group the Fancy Bears on Monday.

Cram said: “We are just normal people and normal people suffer hayfever and asthma that require long- and short-term medication – does that mean you cannot do sport?

“I think we are getting into a crazy scenario where we are assuming everyone is cheating. They aren’t. We are frightening people away from top-level sport.”

A TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) is an exemption that allows an athlete to use, for therapeutic purposes only, an otherwise prohibited substance or method.

They’re often used because athletes may have illnesses or conditions which means they need to take certain medications.

If the medication which is needed is listed as a prohibited substance, a TUE could be given to allow the athlete to use the medication without breaking any doping laws.

Exemptions, which are only granted if no unfair advantage is given to the athlete, can be applied for through the athletes’ national anti-doping agency or international federation.

The entire process is kept confidential to maintain the athlete’s right to privacy.


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