Totti Considers Coaching Career With Roma

Roma legend, Francesco Totti is considering becoming a coach with his boyhood club when he finally decides to hang up his boots.

Totti, 40, made his debut for his hometown club in 1993 and is still going strong now but as he approaches the end of his career he has begun to think about what he will do next.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know it’ll be another life and another interesting career,” he told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“I hope to remain forever at Roma. That is my desire and I want to help the club that I spent most of my life with. I’ll be truly happy if I can help Roma.

“Would I like to be a coach? On the one hand, yes, but at this moment I am not thinking about it, because with my character I’d probably struggle to control a group.

“However, seeing all my former teammates who have just stopped playing and taken up that career path, I get the feeling something does click within you. Maybe it’ll click within me as well. Maybe I’ll change my personality and way of dealing with many things.”

Totti also attempted to articulate what the club he has dedicated his whole career to means to him.

“What is Roma for me? Everything, everything,” he added. “It’s the city, and not just because I am Roman, but because I consider it the most beautiful city in the world. It has the sea, mountains, monuments, sun and the passion of the Roman people.

“Roma is also football. I have always supported this club. Those colours were in my room and in my dreams from my childhood. I wore this jersey for 25 years, the only one, and I wear the captain’s armband. What more could I ask for in life


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